There is no treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Welcome to another installment of the “There is no treatment for ..” series.

This series is meant to dismantle mainstream narratives that are preventing us from living optimally.

Ah, nothing says taboo like Sexual Health, right? Even posting this article seemed ‘filthy’.

Anyhow, it’s not a joke and nothing that should be taken lightly.

With the ever-increasing amount of toxins entering our bodies every second of every day, it is no big surprise that all men will likely experience something that affects their Sexual Health at some point. The idea is that, in the event this does occur, all hope is not lost and there ARE things we can do, AT HOME, to help and hopefully resolve it.

(TLDR version: Jump straight to the the list)

Many have been looking for years, potentially their entire adult lives, for a cure for Premature Ejaculation.

It is a tragedy when a man is plagued with this condition, which has the likely potential to destroy his entire life. Piece by piece, limb by limb, his life can fall apart:

• Constant disappointment in the bedroom, no matter how hard he tries to correct it using 99.9999% of the content found doing personal research on the Internet.

• Feelings of worthlessness, lack of manliness.

• Appointments with the mainstream (legacy) medical system (henceforth named "The System") for embarrassing poking and prodding, with hopeless and likely harmful results from pharmaceuticals with side effects that will compromise other aspects of his health.  

For those who feel I am exaggerating, consider this common scenario:
    ○ The PE issue may be falsely associated with a number of different conditions, such as testosterone levels.
    ○ He will be given Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to alter testosterone and estrogen levels.
    ○ The pharmaceuticals initially seem to help, and he is happy again for a period of time.  However, they slowly take their toll, damaging other organs and starting the slow death of his sex drive.
    ○ Over time, he learns to live with the side effects and continues to take HRT.  "It's better than it was before", he thinks.  
    ○ He goes back to The System and they give him new drugs to correct his thyroid issue, for which the cause is "unknown".  He stops and has a discussion with himself:  
        § "Wait, thyroid issue?  The only change I've made in the last while is the HRT.  Maybe the HRT has something to do with my thyroid issue?"
        § "No, that can't be true.  You're not an expert.  I trust The System because they helped me with my PE, and they have so much experience with all the patients they help."
        § "You're right, who am I to question their expertise?  They're doing the best they can to help.  I'll just start taking the medication and maybe after a few months the doctor will take me off of them anyway."
    ○ Years later, his body has become compromised due to the constant push and pull of the pharmaceuticals.  Now he does not have to worry about PE, because he has erectile dysfunction and cannot even initiate sex.
    ○ He decides to try and avoid going back to the system, so instead goes into a Health Food store to look for a supplement that increases sex drive and starts taking that.  That seems to help, so he continues it.
    ○ After years of taking all of this and also following The System's advice to remove red meat (ruminant meat) and increase chicken and fish consumption, his body becomes overloaded with linoleic acid and heavy metals.
    ○ At his next routine system appointment, when asked how things are going, he confesses:  "I feel great.  Originally, I experienced some minor sex drive issues with HRT, but began supplementing with a health food supplement that seemed to have fixed it.  Everything's good now."
    ○ The doctor feels resentment and expresses it:
        § "Be careful with those supplements.  They are not always what they seem to be."  
        § They hate competition.  
        § "Well, you're scheduled for a routine blood work panel anyway."
    ○ The system physician calls him back a few weeks later.  
        § "Unfortunately, the blood work shows you have stage 1 prostate cancer."
        § "The good news is that we have caught the cancer early, and there are treatments for this.  Please immediately stop any health food supplements you are currently taking and stick to the prescriptions we have given you."
    ○ His partner sympathizes to his face as she goes with him to chemotherapy appointments.  Behind his back, she starts an affair that will ultimately lead to the destruction of their relationship.
• Soon he may be a man looking in, looking into the window of the house that he once lived in, at the children who he once lived with, whom he once had all the time in the world with.  
• Now he lives alone and is forever plagued and destroyed within, all because of a single problem for which both the cause and solution were out of his control to discover.

That being said: This is not an issue to take lightly, and thus the reason I feel this is such an important article and hope that it reaches those in need.

The list:

Disclaimer: Please appreciate that everyone’s body is unique and that there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to solving your particular issue. It will likely require trial and error, with consistency and patience in between.

I would recommend trying only 1 change at a time, so you can figure out the impact of each solution individually.
For example: First try the Gelatin, for at least 3 weeks consistently, followed by at least 2 ‘events’ (sexual activity, to test if it made any difference). If that didn’t seem to help the PE, then stop and move on to the next item on the list. All the while, noting any other improvements each one made in other areas of your health. Once you find the one that solved your PE, you’d want to re-add the others (slowly) to re-introduce those benefits, as long as they do not compromise the PE.

Believe me when I tell you that these solutions are far less disruptive than anything you will receive from the mainstream world, and if they don’t solve the issue then the worst case is you have fixed another issue, maybe one you didn’t even know you had:

1. Gelatin (Bovine), in the form of:
    a. Bone broth, OR
    b. Powder:
2. Grounding / Earthing:
3. Magic Prostate Massage found here:
4. Breathwork
    a. At the very least, incorporate 4-7-8 breathing:
        i. Breathe in for 4 seconds
        ii. Hold for 7 seconds
        iii. Exhale slowly for 8 seconds
        iv. At this point, pause prior to your next inhale and do the Magic Prostate Massage above
5. EMF Reduction
    a. For now, just stop carrying your phone in your pocket and sleep far away from it and any other sources of EMF such as Wi-Fi routers.
6. Magnesium supplementation: