The Needle In The Haystack

It is clear that many of us have, one way or the other, taken experimental pharmaceutical products.

I’d like to go out on a limb and say that the underlying, foundational trust that goes into the decision to take an experimental pharmaceutical product is, in and of itself, more dangerous than the product itself.

Those who willingly take an experimental shot have inherent trust in the mainstream paradigm

They trust their doctors.
They trust their hospitals.
They trust their news sources.
They trust their governments and authorities.

They need to trust them, in order to justify the personal risk they are taking.

This trust is fine when everything’s going good in their lives. It’s still business as usual and they’re still giving the finger to all those “misinformation spreaders who are ruining things for everybody else”.

Years of a PUFA laden, toxin filled mainstream lifestyle go by and suddenly, things go sideways and now they’ve got a serious health problem.

They go to their doctor, who has them do a bunch of tests.

They get called back to the doctor’s office and apparently, they’ve got (Insert life debilitating condition here).

They do not even ask to have a copy of the test results, because they trust their doctor and because there’s nothing they could do with that information anyway.

Now, the doctor says the only option is chemotherapy. They trust and accept the word of the doctor as if it’s scripture, as they’ve always done. There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s. The doctor said so, so that’s what it is.

Because they’ve never left the mainstream paradigm before, they will surely not be in a position to do it now. They start on the chemotherapy path and start receiving the “benefits” of being a cancer victim, as their friends and family console them and make donations to their favorite charitable “Cancer Research” organizations.

I’ll stop here, as we all know where this road leads.

It is this same road that has led most of us to non-mainstream platforms. It is only after you have not been helped, or have been harmed by, the fallacy of the mainstream paradigm that you can begin to look outside of it.

Why? Because you trusted them.

“I refuse to believe that all these doctors and experts could be so cruel to not help me, or to even harm me. Surely, they have done their research and are way smarter than I am. But why do they not have a solution apart from the side-effect laden drugs and invasive procedures that they claim are the only solutions to my problem?”

It took time for us to look outside of it. To hone our truth-validation skills. To sort through all the sources and distinguish the truth from falsehood. This was done out of necessity, as we faced health challenges that we needed to have an answer to, and would not stop until we found it.

In the post-COVID era, looking outside of the mainstream paradigm has never been more difficult.

It is no longer about typing a search query into Google and going through the results anymore. There are too many levels of obfuscation, deception, controlled opposition, censorship, and paywalls that make it so time consuming that it essentially becomes impossible for the “Virgin researcher” (aka The Average Joe) to find a non-mainstream platform that may provide a solution to their health problem.

They may never find that needle-in-the-haystack post in that message board that may hold the key to all of their problems.

Why? Because they never established a connection to truly helpful, non-mainstream sources.

Because trust takes time.

Because trust is personal, i.e. “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Because they trusted those that should never have been trusted, and never bothered to see why they shouldn’t trust the so called misinformation spreaders.

Because the first time they noticed that they were standing on a spider web of deception was when they were falling straight through it.


It has never been more important to start building a base of truly helpful, non-mainstream sources.

May we all guide those seeking the truth, to the truth.

May we all strengthen those truly helpful, non-mainstream sources, to the point where we do become The Mainstream.

Dedicated to Ray Peat (1936-2022) &